Certifications & Coding

BFM's DUNS Number is 065035792.

BFM's NAICS Code is 541370

BFM's Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) is 8713.

BFM's LAPELS (Louisiana) License Number is VF.0000008

BFM's MS-PEPLS (Mississippi) License Number is S-0067.

BFM's State of Louisiana Secretary of State Charter Number is 34959630K.

BFM's Louisiana Vendor Number is V310051091.

BFM Corporation is a Certified Veteran-Owned Business in the State of Louisiana (No. 9551).

BFM Corporation is a part of the State of Louisiana's Hudson Initiative (No. 9551).

BFM's E-Verify Number is 143891 (August 12, 2008).