Quality Control Program

As Professional Land Surveyors providing services to clients in government and industry, BFM realizes that we are judged by the quality of our services, as well as the quality of our products - plans, specifications, cost estimates, studies, reports, evaluations, and recommendations. Those products in turn result in constructed facilities whose appearance, function, safety, and cost are subject to continuous scrutiny. We have a responsibility to assure that our products are worthy of client and public trust. Such assurances require that each employee be made aware of the goal of excellence and the knowledge that the firm expects nothing less.


The goal of the Quality Control Program is to develop a framework for achieving excellence. To be successful in implementing such excellence requires a technically-competent staff, talented and dedicated project managers, office engineers, draft persons, and computer operators, as well as committed top management. Each of these individuals must be made aware of the criteria used by our clients in assessing the quality of our work and comparing it to their standards, as well as to the work of our competitors. The basic evaluation criteria is as follows:

  • Understanding our clients' requirements
  • Knowledge and correct usage of design criteria, standards, and specifications
  • Knowledge and use of current technology
  • Organization and clarity of product (reports, plans, specifications, calculations)
  • Organization of project files, records, and data retrieval system


BFM Corporation provides multiple services to meet the needs of our clients based on the requirements or specifications furnished to us. The intent is for each individual involved with a particular job or project to be totally knowledgable of office procedure and quality control standards.