Industrial Survey

BFM personnel have over 35 years experience in precision surveying as it pertains to the industrial field, having worked for numerous major industrial clients in the region. This includes varied aspects of industrial plant work, including horizontal and vertical control monuments. 


Industrial surveying consists of acquisition, processing and presentation of geographic and geometrical information within the offshore and industrial activities. The information is used as basis for construction, prefabrication and mating of constructions as well as verification and control.


A high-quality measurement is essential owing to the increased complexity of construction projects on the one hand and the prefab composition of their components on the other hand. The increased quality consciousness makes stringent requirements in his field. The application of surveying techniques in construction and industry makes often high demands on ingenuity, accuracy and machinery.


With today's accuracy requirements, construction surveying services can be simplified at a lower cost by better utilization of material dimensions. This requires correct construction procedures, accurate drawings and a Quality Control system during construction including documentation.

Safety is also highly dependent on documentation of how a structure is built. As-built documentation can unveil critical errors that have to be improved before the final construction can be approved.


The requirement for surveying and dimensional control, have therefore grown by the awareness of the total time and economy savings of first time construction.  In principle, everything can be surveyed. Mostly it is a question about time, accuracy, cost etc.