Pipeline Survey

BFM offers an integrated source of advanced data acquisition systems and multi-disciplinary expertise highly suited to linear projects and the pipeline industry. 

We provide efficient and cost-effective benefits while combining expertise with Leica 1200 Series GPS/GIS and professional skills in environmental, geotechnical, and surveying. BFM provides its clients with real-time solutions beginning with project pre-planning and through to construction, operations, and abandonment. This sophisticated information management system also gives our clients the ability to improve project management and control during any phase of a pipeline project.

The establishment of a pipeline corridor is increasingly difficult because of the maze of design, regulatory and permitting requirements. BFM’s professional staff understands the complexity of environmental, geotechnical & geoscience, and surveying requirements needed during a pipeline project. Thus, issues like wetland delineations, storm water management, right-of-way maps, location surveys, construction stakeout, erosion control, etc. can be managed and documented throughout the project.